Last nights dinner homemade Mabo Tofu with brown rice! Sometimes you have to indulge a little! We spent our entire evening outside in our backyard oasis, the weather was so perfect! We sat and listened to the hockey draft and then came in after the sun set.

Scrambled egg whites with avocado and ultra thin pepper jack cheese with half a grapefruit for breakfast!

Just finished our walk it was seriously so beautiful out!

I ended up running home because my mom called to ask if we could Skype while my grandparents were there so I cut our walk short and took the shortest way home to Skype! I couldn’t deny my Grammy and Pappy some Skype time with their great grand princess!

Now I’m about to slice into some home grown cucumber for lunch!

Tonight also starts my husbands week away from work! So looking forward to having him to ourselves!