I feel so much better this week!

Still haven’t had much of a mood change postpartum wise aside from the whole incision incident and feeling sorrow about my c section and the complications from that. Having my vac removed and being discharged from home care has been awesome! I still have to clean my wound 3x a day but its just cleaning it so it isn’t as stressful as the gauze or vac changes. I am able to get out of bed more and do things for myself. It’s been interesting trying to make myself breakfast between nursing and laundry etc. same with lunch. I managed to eat lunch by 2pm today so that was a win.

Aside from that I am feeling happy and loving Briar so much! She is literally the most perfect addition to our family! I am just anxiously awaiting the day her daddy gets to meet her! I won’t feel complete until its the 4 of us! Looking forward to our move! It is almost time to pack! I knew time would speed up when the baby came! I have a lot of plans and ideas for Zacks paternity leave and his POM after deployment! Most of which involve the 4 of us cuddling but some fun days planned for Arleigh! Zack said he has a surprise waiting for me and I will get it a week after we get to the new house! I love and hate surprises! I just want to know what it is! Ugh haha!

I definitely look like a super exhausted tired mommy of 2! My hair is constantly a frizzy crazy bun and my skin is dry from lack of moisturizing, my clothes are always soaked from lactating… but my heart is so full of love that it makes it all better. I need to get myself and the girls on a routine while I still have help to make it easier when we move! Things will definitely be easier in our own home where I can get us all set up and organized better.

I really can’t believe it’s almost been a month! I wish time would slow down! I looove the newborn stage and honestly I will hold Briar every time she makes a peep or just all day anyway because they are only this tiny once! I just adore my little ladies! Arleigh is still being the most loving and amazing big sis ever! I am so in love with them!